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Community Law Q & A

Community Law Q & A

Richard DeBoest, Esq.

Attorney Richard D. DeBoest is a shareholder at the law firm of Goede, Adamczyk, DeBoest & Cross.

Q: We not long ago had a workshop that was attended by a quorum of the board of administrators, and about 50 per cent of the membership.  This was a two-hour discussion about updating our covenants.  If this is not an official board conference, are minutes still necessary?  R.D., Fort Myers

A:  Any time a quorum of the board is with each other, and they discuss association business, it is regarded a board assembly.  Consequently, there must have been proper discover supplied of at least 48 hours posted on the house.  Minutes must be held also but considering the fact that no votes were being taken the minutes would only reflect the fundamentals of when the meeting was called to get, the existence of a quorum, proof of detect, and the time of adjournment.  Greatest follow would also be to set a sentence or two in the minutes about the intent of the meeting which could be anything like – governing doc evaluation workshop.