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‘I never had any regrets’

LANCASTER — David Landefeld has spent most of the last 45 years as an attorney serving Fairfield County in one capacity or another.

He’s served the last six years as a Fairfield County Municipal Court judge, and, due to his age and the Ohio Revised Code, is unable to serve another term as a municipal court judge.

However, he’ll be able to serve as a visiting municipal court judge, which he said he plans to do once he’s eligible.

This is Landefeld’s second retirement, as he served as the Fairfield County prosecutor for 28 years.

After all his time in public service, he said he wouldn’t change his profession, given the chance.

“Both roles were very rewarding. As a judge, I had the chance to help people get their lives together, and as a prosecutor I was able to enforce the law,” Landefeld said. “There have been a lot of changes since I moved to the county 45 years ago. The population of Fairfield County was around 83,000, and now it’s almost double that. We’ve seen remarkable growth, and we’ve managed to take advantage of the system to accommodate that growth.”