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Key points of bill to change Iowa child labor law

Key points of bill to change Iowa child labor law

A14-year-old works in an ice cream shop.

A new invoice launched in the Iowa Legislature would rewrite Iowa’s little one labor law to make it possible for teenagers to perform in beforehand prohibited work so extensive as they are aspect of an accepted schooling system.

Listed here are some highlights of Senate File 167.

Record of prohibited employment for teens stays

As with the current law, the invoice outlines the work opportunities that 14-17-year olds can do, like bagging and carrying groceries to vehicles, clerical function and preparing and serving foodstuff.

The invoice also maintains a listing of work kids underneath 18 cannot hold, this sort of as working in slaughterhouses, meatpacking or rendering crops mining functioning electricity-pushed metallic forming, punching or shearing machines operating band or circular saws, guillotine shears or paper balers or currently being included in roofing functions or demolition do the job. It can make a several modifications, such as eliminating a prohibition versus 14- and 15-year-olds doing work in freezers and meat coolers.