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Launch of the second free edition of the Entrepreneurship Legal Manual

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The Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (ASEM) , in collaboration with the Free School of Law of Monterrey (FLDM) , the Institute of Entrepreneurship “Eugenio Garza Lagüera” of the Tecnológico de Monterrey and the Apolo 25 agency, launch the second edition of the Legal Manual of Entrepreneurship .

The text is designed to take a tour of the path of entrepreneurship; from the legal constitution of a company, the protection of intellectual property, contractual aspects, labor relations and even the dissolution and liquidation of a business.

All these concepts are addressed in a synthesized way and with a friendly language for anyone who is not an expert in legal matters.

“Collaborating in this project made me understand how complex it is to be an entrepreneur because they must be aware of the financial, commercial, operational and legal issues of their business, so if we can help them navigate the legal part we will feel very satisfied”, says Bernardo Jaime, director of the FLDM Center for Business Law.

For his part, Jorge Corral, executive director of ASEM, points out that “the manual emerged as a practical way to systematize responses to frequent legal inquiries from female and male entrepreneurs who wish to establish their company, hire collaborators, protect their intellectual property, enter into contracts with clients. and suppliers, among many others ”.

The document does not seek to replace the contracting of legal services, rather it is “a guide to resolve these essential queries and guide the management of their companies through activities and downloadable documents. We decided to publish it in free digital format with the aim of reaching the largest number of female and male entrepreneurs in the country, as well as encouraging formal entrepreneurship ”, adds Sandra Cuellar, editorial coordinator and leader of Public Relations at ASEM.

It stands out that it is easy to read and practical since it includes didactic sections to reinforce concepts and has downloadable contract formats that entrepreneurs can use to manage their companies.

The initiative had the participation of experts in various areas such as Bernardo Jaime, who was in charge of the content, and Dr. Geraldina Silveyra León, regional director of the Eugenio Garza Lagüera Entrepreneurship Institute, who was in charge of the didactic sections and correction of style. In this sense, the doctor points out that for this new edition, the ASEM compiled testimonies from entrepreneurs and based on these some clarifications were made “more in form than in substance.”

The purpose of these pedagogical exercises, says the specialist, “is to help entrepreneurs to internalize the contents that are included in the manual, to review concepts and to set the tone for those who are starting their trajectory as entrepreneurs, in order to to guide them to put the manual into practice in their own company ”.

Paul Cano, Design Director at the Apolo25 agency, who collaborated with the design of the manual, adds that he is also an entrepreneur, and like many others, he did not have clear notions of how to constitute a project, make it fruitful and profitable, but “ it was thanks to these tools and to organizations like ASEM that we were able to get closer to communities that helped us to grow and survive ”.

Cano affirms that in Apolo25 they are committed to joining the community of entrepreneurs and supporting the cause of ASEM to define a level floor for those who decide to undertake in Mexico. “Creating a community is one of the many ways to improve the conditions of entrepreneurs and eliminate the bad practices that have hurt us so much, for example, starting without knowledge.”

The Entrepreneurship Legal Manual is now available, free of charge, in the ASEM website library .