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RI police, firefighters may get ‘evergreen contracts’ under new laws

RI police, firefighters may get ‘evergreen contracts’ under new laws

PROVIDENCE – In spite of a pending lawful obstacle, the Senate is poised to vote Tuesday to extend the state’s hardly ever-ending-contract legislation to regional law enforcement and fire department employees, over the angry howls of mayors and town directors.

North Providence Mayor Charles Lombardi, producing in his job as president of the  Rhode Island League of Metropolitan areas and Cities, begged the senators not to go the costs, which have lengthy been sought by local general public-worker unions. 

North Providence Mayor Charles Lombardi is president of the Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns, which opposes the expansion of "evergreen contracts" among public-employee unions.

In a letter to the senators, Lombardi stated the three bills, taken with each other, would take out any leverage mayors and administrators have in deal negotiations and leave them no selection but tax hikes or support cuts if bills for well being coverage, for illustration, spiral.

“Pricey Senator,” the letter starts. “Staff costs represent more than 70{e421c4d081ed1e1efd2d9b9e397159b409f6f1af1639f2363bfecd2822ec732a} of community budgets, and nearly all the prices affiliated with personnel are ruled by contracts – income, advantages, pension expenses in regionally administered ideas and retiree well being added benefits.”