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The nation’s immigration court system is a mess. Rep. Lofgren is teeing up an effort to overhaul it

WASHINGTON — South Bay Rep. Zoe Lofgren will convene a congressional listening to on the immigration courts subsequent 7 days, The Chronicle has uncovered, probably laying the groundwork for the introduction of her invoice to overhaul the troubled technique.

The hearing could also deliver the very first critical appear by Congress at how the courts, which are less than the command of the Department of Justice, have been working below the Biden administration. Even though President Biden arrived into office pledging to transform the web page from his predecessor’s tough-line immigration stance, advocates say development has been slow, primarily at the Office of Justice.

It will also appear a year just after The Chronicle reported that immigration court docket procedures and framework have authorized sexually inappropriate habits and misconduct between judges and staff to prosper, which prompted the Justice Office to kick off a examine of how to overhaul its procedures.

The hundreds of judges at the about 70 immigration courts nationwide make a decision the destiny of immigrants trying to find to remain in the U.S., quite a few of whom panic for their life if they are deported. But the procedure has prolonged confronted criticism for its enormous backlog of a lot more than 1.5 million cases, inconsistency throughout judges and courts, antiquated bureaucracy and labyrinthine construction that is complicated for immigrants without having attorneys to navigate.