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Workplace Law Strategies Blog: Unsigned employment contracts can be enforceable in some circumstances

Workplace Law Strategies Blog: Unsigned employment contracts can be enforceable in some circumstances

A modern BC Supreme Court selection demonstrates that an work deal does not essentially want to be signed by the worker in purchase to be enforceable as lengthy as there is clear proof that the worker agreed to the conditions in the deal.


In Asgari Sereshk v. Peter Kiewit Sons ULC, 2021 BCSC 2570, the plaintiff, Mr. Sereshk labored for the defendant, Peter Kiewit Sons ULC (the “Company”) as a job engineer from 2008 to 2015. He subsequently left to work for a competitor. In 2019, the Enterprise again offered Mr. Sereshk employment as a challenge supervisor. The proposed contract experienced a clause which authorized the Company to terminate Mr. Sereshk’s employment “for any motive, devoid of result in or critical reason” on giving the minimal quantity of advance discover, or pay out in lieu of notice, offered for under the relevant provincial work/labour expectations legislation.

Mr. Sereshk turned down the very first supply and negotiated a 2nd offer that integrated many of the variations that he asked for, like an greater income and signing bonus, removal of the probationary period, and restriction of the Company’s skill to reassign him to get the job done outdoors Canada. Nonetheless the Organization explicitly refused to make any variations to the termination provision and encouraged Mr. Sereshk that it was non-negotiable. Mr. Sereshk under no circumstances signed the settlement and started working in November 2019. Mr. Sereshk was terminated with out lead to 14 months afterwards with 2 weeks’ notice (i.e. his least entitlement less than BC employment requirements laws).

Mr. Sereshk introduced an action for wrongful dismissal, boasting that the unsigned employment agreement was not enforceable and that he was entitled fair observe at typical regulation.


The Courtroom held that the deal was enforceable, even while it was not signed by Mr. Sereshk, and that the termination provision was valid to limit Mr. Sereshk’s entitlement to two weeks’ recognize.

The Court observed that Mr. Sereshk was plainly mindful that the termination clause was non-negotiable and knew that the clause remained section of the work agreement when he started working. The Courtroom observed that the clause was obvious on its facial area and not void for uncertainty and further that work contracts could include by reference the minimal notice periods in work standards legislation. The Court docket located that basic reference to the “applicable” provincial legislation did not render the clause impermissibly obscure. The employment deal specially permitted the deployment of Mr. Sereshk across Canada and the deal would have demanded overly complex language ended up it to refer to each and every provincial statute that resolved the problem of notice.

Implications for employers

The Court’s conclusion is attention-grabbing for employers. It indicates that workers do not automatically will need to signal an employment contract in get for it to be legitimate as extended as the proof evidently shows the worker has accepted the terms of the agreement. In this scenario, the simple fact that the employee began functioning for the employer following it had been communicated to him that the termination provision in the deal was non-negotiable was deemed to be adequate evidence of his acceptance. Even so, in our look at, it is even now most effective observe for employers to make confident that staff members indicator their employment contract in advance of their commence date.

The determination also confirms that for employers functioning in several provinces, a termination clause that refers to the personnel becoming entitled to the least sum of detect less than the “applicable employment criteria legislation” could be adequate to displace the employee’s entitlement to acceptable observe at frequent law (if the other components of the agreement and clause are enforceable).