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Writing The Book On Business: Elon Musk Has Had Enough Legal Troubles That This Law School Is Teaching A Class On Them

No one particular really should be defined by their worst working day. But following a sample emerges, you start out to make a title for you. One particular this sort of title that will go down in lawsuit heritage is Elon Musk. The Twitter debacle is just a person go well with of numerous bearing his identify. But historical past won’t be the only provider of his name anymore. Bluebooks will too.

Stephen Bainbridge, a company law professor at the College of California Los Angeles, has launched a course called the “Law of Elon Musk.” The class will comply with the billionaire’s lengthy heritage of corporate authorized battles, which includes his ongoing battle with Twitter and a lawsuit in excess of his sophisticated CEO compensation bundle.

“As someone who manages an huge volume of other people’s money, Musk constantly faces the temptation to pursue his individual interests and plans fairly than concentrating on the welfare of individuals who have entrusted him with their cost savings,” the system listing reads. “This program examines some of the approaches in which regulation constrains (or fails to) Musk’s divergences from shareholder interests.”