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What To Know Before Taking On a Law Degree

What To Know Before Taking On a Law Degree

If you have a real passion for law and you think that your future could be heading in that direction, there is a lot which you have to consider before you actually embark on a law degree. Sadly we are seeing the number of people dropping out of these courses rising, which is exactly why you need to make sure that it is absolutely the right thing for you before you sign on the dotted line.

Whether you wish to join a team of motorcycle accident attorneys, work as a specialist divorce lawyer or take on the world of corporate law, here is what you should know about law school.

Social Life

Whilst you most certainly will be able to have some kind of social life during your time at law school, you should have a clear understanding that this is not going to be the Spring Break style fun which some of your friends may be having in other colleges. Law school lays a heavy focus on social lives but it is often done within the standards of the school itself. There will be many balls and such during your time, but don’t expect things to get too crazy.


Many people have a relatively easy transition into their life at university and their first year doesn’t ask too much of them. This however is not the case in law school and you are likely to get thrown right into the deep end. This is one of the reasons why we often see students drop out, because they simply cannot handle the amount of work which is given to them. The bad news is that this doesn’t get any easier and with each that passes, the workload is going to increase.

Long Hours

Owing to the huge volume of work which you are going to be doing your days will be long and sleep will often be something which comes at a premium. This of course will be even worse once the exams come along, as you will be studying for a huge amount of time in preparation for them.

Making Friends

It is important to make the point here that you will be able to make a huge amount of friends during your time at law school. Whilst you may not have the same amount of time for a social life as some students do, there will be many group exercises and experiences which will greatly help you to make new friends for life.

Picking Specialties

It is worth keeping in mind the kind of lawyer which you wish to become, because it won’t be long after you have started law school that you will have to make some choices which will help you to achieve that goal. Even if you are in-between choices, it is a decision which you will be better off making sooner rather than later.

Ultimately law school is hard, but so too is a career as a lawyer, and that is what these courses are preparing you for.